Selling Your Real Estate at Auction

Getting the best possible results selling your real estate should not be a difficult task.  We have a proven record of obtaining you the highest return, in the most concise timeframe, without the stress and headaches often associated with a traditional sale.  Take a moment to examine some of the differences in our well-promoted auction marketing events and the traditional real estate selling process.

Customized Auction Marketing Event

  • Highly marketed auction events utilize multiple websites, social media, several effective signs in prominent locations, as well as brochures, newspapers, email, text messaging, MLS, Zillow, Trulia and more.
  • Raises the profile of your property among others in the marketplace. The highly detailed marketing focuses on your property, and yours alone.
  • Puts you in total control of your sale.  With our recommendations, you set the date your property will be sold and the terms and conditions of sale.  The competitive bidding process takes over and virtually eliminates the need for negotiations with buyers.
  • Simplicity of selling in as-is condition. Other than general cleaning and landscaping, sellers typically don’t need to do extensive and costly repairs or updates to the property, before or after the sale.
  • True Market Value.  Our auction events, through effective marketing and competitive bidding, capture the full price the market will bear for your property.  Because the market sets the final price, auctions eliminate the guesswork in determining the asking price for your property, a real advantage with higher value real estate.
  • A simple, straightforward and trouble-free way to sell real estate.  We are eager to be your one point of contact to handle all of your targeted marketing, interacting with potential buyers, assisting through the closing process, and all other important aspects of your property’s sale, from start to finish.
  • We are estate specialists, and can handle it all!  We are experienced licensed auctioneers and regularly conduct live and online personal property sales in a nationwide marketplace.  We not only market and sell your real estate in an effective manner, but can also get you the best return for your collections, tools, machinery and household goods as well.  We often advertise real estate and personal property simultaneously, a highly effective marketing technique!
  • Serious and well-qualified buyers.  All bidders at our real estate events attend with significant non-refundable deposits in-hand before bidding.  We know in advance that all in attendance are serious about being the next owner of your property!
  • No contingencies of sale.  Since all the rules for your auction event are established in advance, there are none of the typical contingencies of sale attached to the sale of your property that are commonplace with a traditional listing. 
  • No limit on your upside potential.  Since auctions are highly competitive with multiple bidders, there is no limit to the upside potential for your property.  We keep working for every dollar, and many times prices realized exceed our seller’s expectations!

Traditional Real Estate Listing

  • Standard yard sign with a heavy reliance on the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Your property is one of many being offered at the same time by the brokerage firm. 
  • The time your property is on the market is unknown – could be months or even years.  Your agent by law presents every offer received, even impractical ones.
  • Agents will often urge sellers to update properties prior to listing to make them sell quicker.  Many times offers will include contingencies for inspections that require sellers to pay to repair any defects found.
  • The listing price must be mulled over and established.  When your property doesn’t sell, the price is dropped, and then dropped again.  Sellers risk initially over-pricing their property and then it sitting on the market for extended periods.  This can easily tarnish the credibility of your property when questions arise as to why it has been on the market so long.
  • In addition to the listing agent, there are often many others involved who can influence the sale of your property.  Individual offers from prospective buyers and their agents, as well as the opinions of appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, repair contractors and others can all affect the outcome of your sale.
  • Most traditional agents deal only in the listing of your real estate for sale.  In estate settlement and relocation situations, administrators and owners must endure the often monumental task of culling through and selling the valuable personal property before the real estate can be sold.  An arduous and often emotional task that can take months or years to accomplish.
  • Relatively small earnest money deposits are often refundable, potential buyers can back out easily.
  • With traditional listings, offers are often contingent on the buyer’s ability to obtain financing and/or the sale of their previous home, as well as appraisals, surveys, inspections, paying buyer’s closing costs and more.
  • The highest price that can be realized for your property is usually limited by the asking price.