Family Estates are Our Specialty

Whether you are put in charge of selling your family member’s personal belongings or looking for the best option to get them the most for their home, business, family farm, equipment or collections, we have the modern tools and experience to help you make an often difficult and labor intensive task simple and straightforward. 

The process of culling through all of the personal effects in your loved one’s home in order to sell their valuable assets can be a an arduous, time-consuming and emotional task, and can easily leave family members overwhelmed.  We specialize in offering you multiple selling options, whether by way of our well-promoted online and live auctions, assisting with private sales, or the purchase of entire collections.

A total package solution for selling Real Estate and Personal Property- Traditional real estate agents typically only deal in the listing of your real estate for sale.  When your loved one’s home or farm needs to be sold as well as their personal assets, we are eager to be your one-source solution to get your family the best results in a concise timeframe.  As with your family member’s personal belongings, we have simple, stress-free and highly effective solutions to market your real estate as well as business assets, equipment, tools and collections.  Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!